Paradise Lost? Central American vacation playground turns deadly

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Death toll rising in Costa Rica

Twenty-five people have been killed by tainted alcohol in Costa Rica since June.

This summer, travelers have experienced mounting fears over some of the popular summer destinations such as Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.

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Now, the death toll is rising in Costa Rica. The country's health ministry said 25 people have been killed by tainted alcohol since June.

Ted Williams, a former homicide detective, told FOX Business' Melissa Francis on "After the Bell" called this announcement scandalous.

"Somebody needs to go to jail," Williams said.

Somebody needs to go to jail.

Former homicide detective Ted Williams

Williams said similar issues have happened at many resorts in various countries, but this situation is more serious.

"What you have is these manufacturers who are trying to cut corners to make money, and you have these all-inclusive resorts that use a lot of alcohol, they take a chance with these manufacturers, and they bring in this liquor," Williams said.


Williams is calling for a "real investigation" to happen in these cases.


Williams also encouraged travelers to use social media sites and do their homework to see where the majority of these deaths are taking place and don't go there.

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