Pew: Adults Still Prefer Voice Calls to Texts

American adults still prefer communicating by voice over sending and receiving text messages according to a recent survey conducted by The Pew Research Center.

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Pew surveyed 2,277 Americans ages 18 and older between April 26th and May 22nd of this year, and found that nearly three-quarters of them send and receive text messages.

Despite the increased popularity of text messaging among adults in the U.S., however, only 31% prefer messaging to voice calls. More than half 53% said voice calling was their preferred means of communications rather than SMS, and 14% said their preference would depend on the situation.

Pew also notes that young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 are by far the most active users of text messaging, with the average user in that age range exchanging more than 100 messages each day.

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