Pets Still Pampered During Recession

Families across the country may have cut back during the recession, but it seems Man's Best Friend didn't feel the pain.

According to a recent survey from Consumer Reports, only 16% of Americans reported spending less money on their pets at the height of the recession in 2009 and 2010. The price of pet food, veterinary care and other pet products and services has also risen 4% since 2008. Americans spent $55 billion on pet products last year, and high-end, healthy food and snacks for pets are gaining in popularity, FBN's Jeff Flock reported.

Brad Kriser, owner of Kriser's All-Natural Pet Food in Chicago, said there are so many different categories of food available for pets today. For dogs in particular, Kriser's offers wet food, dry food, frozen food and food that has to be mixed with water before serving. Flavors include duck and venison. Supplements are also available for pets at Kriser's.

"The pet food market has expanded and changed dramatically, so we have many offerings in the healthy space," Kriser told FBN.

The best thing to feed your dog is raw food, he said. This food can be frozen and then thawed in the refrigerator before serving.

"It is unadulterated, unprocessed food in its raw form," Kriser said.

And the best part? You can eat it, too.

"This food is fit for humans," Kriser said. "It's all human grade food with the same ingredients that go on our tables."