Pessimist, Optimist and Opportunist Walk Into a Bar…


Lots of lessons learned from the Super Bowl last week. And a few funny comments as well. Here’s my latest version of Favorite Small Business Tweets of the Week.

@LeadToday Be thankful for problems. If they were less difficult, someone with less ability might have your job.

@BeverlyHobbit God. Farmers. Paul Harvey. America. RAM. Excellent. #SuperbowlAd

@BruceSallan EVERYONE learns more from failure, though it doesn't feel so at the time!‏

@mooreconsortium while the pessimist, optimist and realist argued if the glass was half full or empty the opportunist drank it

@smoothsale Requests, Punctuality, plus Follow-up = Trust and Credibility = Sales.

@nrek This business isn't about the idea, it's not about the solution, it's about positioning, timing, execution, and the Art of War.

@ValaAfshar The investment decision is about the person behind the idea.

@KnowledgeBishop Pursue purpose: Don't let business be about "busyness".

@boonepickens When you see a person in management unable to make a decision, they've probably been put in a position they shouldn't be in.

@Leadershipfreak The goal of listening is more than understanding information; its making people feel understood.

@ourfounder Business process is business analysis. If your process does not self-analyze and adapt, it is a dead process.

@TedRubin Reach may be down on FB, but engagement is up nearly double. You may have to ante $’s, but results may surprise you.

@wisdomalive While information usually informs #trust, the compulsive pursuit of information can actually diminish confidence.

@jimmyfallon The Federal Reserve was just hacked. It's bad – they say the hackers could've stolen as much as negative 14 trillion dollars.

@indecision U.S. Postal Service to cut Saturday mail. Snow, rain, heat or gloom of night ain't got nothing on market forces.

@MelissaOnline You don't get paid for the ideas in your head.

@BlitznBeans I pray someone at the New Yorker is drawing a cartoon of angry dogs picketing the post office.

@levie 2012: The year of the IPO. 2013: The year of going private. Trends change fast in this industry.

@JimGaffigan I’d say good morning but I hate to start the day with a lie.

@pourmecoffee On this day in 2004 Facebook was launched, the world's largest birthday reminder service.

@DannyZuker Hate Mondays? Have kids.

@MackCollier Nothing screams 'irony' more than using social media tools to attempt to spread your message that social media sucks/doesn't work.

@jowyang Cultural Translation: When SF wins (World Series) we light city ablaze, when defeated, we quietly drink blue bottle coffee.

@ConversationAge Culture is not something you buy at the supermarket. It's built one action at a time, making good on promises.

@servantofchaos It would be good if politics was a battle of ideas. Shame it's mostly low brow quips and oneupmanship

@jbarro The link between farmers and Dodge is that your tax dollars support both of them.

@smoothsale Successful people set and pursue goals, remain focused and achieve in a timely fashion.

@ValaAfshar Smart people use simple language. It's not very impressive when you're not understood.

@bespokeinvest With a lot of these better than expected same store sales results, the payroll tax hike doesn't seem to be having much of an impact yet.

Gene Marks owns the Marks Group PC, a ten person sales and marketing technology consulting firm outside of Philadelphia that serves more than 600 small and medium companies around the country.