Nine Tips for Starting up a Local Site, Blog

The following two entrepreneurs were featured in the article: Launching Local Site Can Be Simple, Fun -- and Pay.

Tips from Debbie Galant, co-founder of Baristanet

• Read eNest, a book about running a business and doing something good.• Do market research: Know your geographic area. Know your competition.• Post often: five times a day during the week.• Make sure you have the energy for this commitment. It can feel like slavery without help.• Barter services in the beginning and provide free ad space for the first few months.

Tips from Chrysanthe Tenentes, co-founder of Brooklyn Based

• Find a voice and a space that’s new to your market.• Make it meaningful. Avoid content overload.• Consider an opt-in distribution channel.• Diversify to improve your revenue stream—for example, in addition to selling ad space, sell products and sponsor events.