Nickelodeon launching Noggin, a new mobile channel for preschoolers with brand-new content

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Nickelodeon will debut a $6-a-month mobile service aimed at preschoolers with content unique from anything on its existing channels.

The ad-free service, dubbed Noggin, will debut next Thursday on Apple mobile devices. There's no immediate word on an Android version.

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Although a few cable channels such as HBO are planning stand-alone subscriptions as alternatives to a cable package, most channels are sticking with existing distributors. In this case, Nickelodeon says it's in talks with pay-TV providers to bundle Noggin with cable and satellite packages. The regular Nick Jr. channel is available through a separate Nick Jr. app, but it requires a pay-TV subscription and isn't sold as a stand-alone subscription.

Noggin is the original name of the preschool channel now known as Nick Jr. Nickelodeon owner Viacom says Noggin was chosen partly because moms are already familiar with the brand.