NFL’s Dwight Freeney Claims Bank of America Rooked Him for Millions

NFL linebacker and free agent Dwight Freeney sued Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) and its advisors in Superior Court for $20 million saying he “became the victim of an elaborate and malevolent scheme to defraud.” according to a 138-page filing. As a result, Freeney said he was forced to close his Hollywood restaurant Rolling Stone.

In an exclusive interview on ‘Opening Bell with Maria Bartiromo’ Freeney was told Bank of America is disputing the claim, through a spokesman saying, “the bank had nothing to do with the criminal scheme.” Freeney fired back saying the statement is a “complete and total lie.”

Freeney and his partners at the Roof Group entered into a licensing agreement with Rolling Stone Magazine, which granted the partners the right to construct and operate a Rolling-Stone themed restaurant in Los Angeles and an option to do the same in New York and other cities.

The suit cites the principal participants in the scheme as defendants Michael Bock, a senior vice president and the head of Mr. Freeney’s BofA financial advisory team; Eva Weinberg, a former BofA, Merrill Lynch advisor, among others. The suit was filed in Superior Court for the State of California in Los Angeles County.

Freeny, 35, become an unrestricted free agent in March after several years with the San Diego Chargers. He said he hopes to learn more about his professional future “in a month or so or after the [NFL] draft.”

Dwight played for the Syracuse University football team from 1998 to 2001.