New iPhone 6 Photo Shows Nearly Complete Body

Apple’s manufacturing partners are likely working around the clock to build iPhone 6 units right now. As is typical for this time of year, iPhone parts are starting to spill out several times per day. Yesterday we had a chance to look at 23 new hardware parts for the iPhone 6, and today we’re looking at yet another new photo.

This time it appears to be (we say appears because several leaks have been faked recently) a near-final version of the iPhone 6. It’s also not quite final because the antenna bands running around the bottom don’t seem to be fully attached — there’s still a clear metal carving where the rest of the antenna should fit. Additionally, the actual hardware, like the camera lens and flash, aren’t present in this photo. Unfortunately, that bulky camera ring is making yet another appearance here.

Apple will likely show the final product during its rumored September 9 iPhone  6 announcement, where we’ll learn all about the hardware, and perhaps some reasoning for why the bulky camera ring and massive antenna bands are needed.


Sonny Dickson