NBA Playoff Bonuses: Warriors, Cavs In Line For Payday

The Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers will be fixated on winning a championship as the 2016 NBA Finals get underway Thursday night at the Oracle Arena (NYSE:ORCL) in Oakland, California. But players on both teams are also in for a sizable check, thanks to the NBA’s performance-based playoff bonus pool.

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The NBA will award a total of $15 million to the league’s top teams this year, officials told This year’s Playoff pool is the largest in league history, surpassing last year’s tally of $14 million.

The winning team in this year’s NBA Finals will earn $2,656,422, to be split amongst its players, coaches and staff members. The losing team gets a consolation prize of $1,760,210 – probably not enough to cure the sting of falling short, but a solid payday nonetheless.

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LeBron James and the Cavaliers are in a similar position. They’ve already secured about $1.3 million on bonuses, thanks to their playoff exploits and Eastern Conference-best record of 57-25.

A full breakdown of the 2016 NBA Playoff pool can be found below, courtesy of the NBA.

Best Regular-Season Record

Best Record in Conference

Second-Best Record in Conference

Third-Best Record in Conference

Fourth-Best Record in Conference

Fifth-Best Record in Conference

Sixth-Best Record in Conference

Teams Playing in First Round

Teams Playing in Conference Semifinals

Teams Playing in Conference Finals

Losing Team, NBA Finals

Winning Team, NBA Finals