Music playing Electrolux vacuum is noisy on purpose

Vacuum cleaners can make a lot of racket so when Consumer Reports tests canisters and uprights, we test how noisy they are. Canisters tend to be quieter as a group, but what if instead of that annoying sucking sound your vacuum belted out a tune? In Japan, Electrolux has a special edition canister that plays music while it works. Like many musical beginners, this canister opens with "Chopsticks."

The Ergothree Play! canister has a sensor inside the nozzle that detects dust as it vacuums and plays music as it rhythmically sucks up dirt, according to the website, adding that quiet suction power and lovely music are on the playlist. Alas, this special model was produced only for the Electrolux Ergothree project and it's uncertain whether it will come to market.

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At Consumer Reports, we have plenty of vacuums that can't carry a tune but that do clean up in our tests. See the results of our tests of dozens of canisters and uprights—bagged and bagless models—to find one that's quiet yet capable. Among bagged canister models, the Electrolux UltraSilencer DeepClean EL7060, $500, was the quietest but tool airflow was so-so and handling only fair, helping to keep it off the list of vacuums we recommend. The top-rated Kenmore Intuition 28014 canister, $500, had superb tool airflow, was relatively quiet, and is recommended.

Miele has a series of musically themed upright vacuums that we've tested including the Bolero, Swing, Jazz, Salsa and Twist. Although not the quietest, they were all quiet enough to hear yourself whistle while you work. All five Miele models made our list of top vacuum picks. They range in price from $475 to $935.

Kimberly Janeway

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