Montel Williams: Kasich is the Only Adult in the Room

Former TV host Montel Williams is once again a Republican. During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, he said it’s all because of John Kasich.

“[Kasich] I think is the only adult in the room and this is a person that has already demonstrated clear leadership and he’s also demonstrated how to bridge the gap among minorities,” he said.

Williams said Kasich's “human” actions in New Hampshire grabbed the media’s attention.

“There’s a movement coming -- all the hate and discontent, all the separatist movement in this country needs to understand that when Election Day happens, no matter who wins, they only get 25% of the vote… There’s another 75% of us out here that need to be led, and led correctly, ” he said.

When asked if Kasich could sway the black vote to the Republican Party he said, "If other people step up whether it be white, black, Hispanic -- we step up and actually tell the story of John Kasich, I will tell you, people will follow."  He added, "If he stays in until March 15th when Ohio goes down -- the whole game changes."