Microsoft Launches SkyDrive App on Windows Phone, iOS

Microsoft doesn’t seem to have much in the way of cross-platform animosity any more. Case in point, the company’s SkyDrive team recently launched both a Windows Phone and iOS version of their SkyDrive online file storage application.

SkyDrive is the latest in a line of Microsoft applications that have made an appearance on iOS, with others including the (rather nice) Xbox Live app and Kinectimals.

Aside from the obvious stylistic changes, the WP7 and iOS versions pack the same functionality. Setup is dead simple: if you have a Windows Live account, then you also have a SkyDrive account just waiting to be filled with documents and silly photos. All it takes is a quick log-in to be able to start storing and sharing your myriad files online.

Users can upload files, organize them into folders, and share them with friends and colleagues. Navigating through SkyDrive is pretty straightforward too, so even the most stubborn file sharers should have an easy time getting into the swing of things.

SkyDrive is a pretty notable addition to the Windows Phone marketplace, as similar online file storage services like Dropbox and haven’t yet found their way to Microsoft’s mobile OS. The iOS version is a tougher sell considering all of the available alternatives, but it could be a great solution for certain use cases. If you’re constantly juggling multiple phones for example, having SkyDrive installed could be one of the quickest ways to get files from a Windows Phone to an iPhone. Sadly, Android hasn’t yet felt the SkyDrive love, so people looking for a more comprehensive solution should choose their cloud-based file dump carefully.

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