Men in Kilts Founder: Window Washing in Kilts a Great Marketing Strategy

Small Business Spotlight: Men in KiltsWho: Nicholas Brand, @MenInKiltsWhat: Window cleaning franchisorWhen: 2002Where: Vancouver, BCHow: “We’re a window cleaning company, but we also do gutter cleaning, pressure washing and general exterior cleaning services,” says founder Nicholas Brand. “We decided on window cleaning as a business first, and me, my wife and my best friend were sitting around and said, ‘You should wear your kilt because you’re Scottish!’ We had a laugh and thought, ‘That’s not a bad idea! No one will forget us,’” says Brand. Today, all technicians at the nine franchises wear kilts. Four of the franchises are in the U.S., and five are in Canada.Biggest challenge: “For me it was learning. I was 24 and didn’t have a business degree, so the biggest challenge for me was learning how to run a business,” says Brand. “The biggest challenge now is getting the message out there.” One moment in time: “I’m proudest of our customer service record,” says Brand.Best business advice: “Don’t give up. There will be dark days, days when you’re not sure if you can do this or whether you’ll make it. For me, it’s pushing through those,” says Brand.