Meet Misty: Your personal assistant robot

Living like the Jetsons could soon become a reality to Americans.

A Boulder, Colorado, startup, Misty Robotics, announced Wednesday that it's releasing a second version of its personalized home robots in an attempt to one day have a robot in every home.

The new device, Misty II, will be the first programmable robot offered at a consumer price point for developers, entrepreneurs and makers, for now.

Ian Bernstein, founder and head of product at Misty Robotics, told FOX Business that the robots can really do anything that you program them to do.

“Our big goal is to try to put a robot into every home and office so they can do useful stuff for us and all the mundane things that we don't want to do like laundry, and this is our first step at achieving this,” Bernstein said.

At 14 inches high and six pounds, Misty II can move autonomously, recognize faces, create a 3D map of her surroundings, speak and listen. She can also charge herself and display emotive eyes and other emotional characteristics.

“Misty II is just the beginning of what’s possible with building a canonical robot platform,” Brad Feld, managing director at the Foundry Group, who backs the company, said.

Bernstein said its robots aren’t just designed to help around the house either but to become part of the family, even friends. The company is selling the new device for $1,499 to the first 250 backers.