Mark Cuban: Trump's Campaign Will Be Seinfeld-Like, A Campaign About Nothing

Dallas Mavericks owner, and fellow billionaire Mark Cuban, compared Donald Trump’s campaign to a famed sitcom.

“Donald Trump is going to run the Seinfeld campaign—it’s going to be the campaign about nothing,” he told the FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto.

The billionaire owner, notorious for his enthusiastic dedication to his basketball team, added:

“I like Donald,” “I think it just shows how tribal the United States has become. I don’t even think we’re partisan anymore; I think we’re tribal. And Donald has got that whole ‘what about me’ tribe running behind him and he’s excited them to come out and vote for him and it’s going to make for an interesting election.”

Cuban said the current presidential race is no longer about issues. Instead, he believes people want to know how the government will help them, which is why Trump’s White House bid has been so successful.

“They [the people] don’t trust government,” he said. “And if they already know the government’s not going to do what they need to help them get jobs or help protect them, then let’s turn to somebody who may not get into any detail whatsoever, but at least it sounds like he’s [Trump] going to try to answer the ‘what about me’ question.”

Throughout the campaign Donald Trump has been criticized for some of his failed business ventures. Cuban, an entrepreneur himself, said it shouldn’t be too worrisome to voters.

“Every great entrepreneur has failed. We accept entrepreneurial failure because it just shows he got back up and ended up getting it done and being successful. You can argue on the margin how much, but does it really matter?”

Cuban is also one of the hosts of Shark Tank, which airs on Disney’s ABC Network (NYSE:DIS).