LearnVest Has a Plan (or Three) to Get You on Track With Your Money

A solid 60% of women are stressed about their financial situations.

And while 87% of women think a financial planner could help them better manage their money, nearly the same number have never used one.*

We can guess why: It’s expensive. The average session with a Certified Financial Planner in the United States costs $150-$300.

And a single session won’t cut it. To get a comprehensive financial plan, you’ll need to shell out  $1,500-$3,000 to cover about ten hours of your planner’s time. For most of us, that’s out of reach.

Until now.

We Have a Plan … Actually, Three Plans

In honor of the new year—and the dedication our users have to taking control of their financial lives—we’re thrilled to announce our very own way to bring you personalized financial advice. For a fraction of the going rate, our in-house Certified Financial Planners will consult with you to create your 100% personalized budget or financial plan.

And we’re even offering you, our loyal readers, a discount: Just enter the code NEWYEARNEWYOU, good for 25% off all paid products until January 14.

We believe that financial planning shouldn’t be a luxury, and that sound professional advice should be available no matter how much money you have at the moment. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of expert Certified Financial Planners to bring you quality advice for a realistic price.

Depending on the level of services you need, you can select the level of plan you want. Just want someone to restructure your budget? We have that. Do you need a complete financial plan? Got it. How about a financial plan and unlimited email access to one of our Certified Financial Planners? We have all of that, and more.

To see exactly what we’re offering, check out the chart below:

Of course, if you’re enjoying the Financial Inbox and budget calculator in LearnVest’s My Money Center and aren’t in need of personalized help, our memberships are and will always remain free.

Join us in our toast to a new year: Here’s to a richer life.

*We commissioned our own quantitative study earlier this year and surveyed 637 women across the United States about their finances.