Lady Antebellum, Third Eye Blind take to VR for live concerts

For the first time ever, you can now attend your favorite concert and sit in the front row without ever leaving your home.

Live Nation and NextVR have teamed up to allow artists like Lady Antebellum and Third Eye Blind to take their music to fans anywhere in the world, who will buy "tickets" to watch on an app using virtual reality headsets.

“Virtual reality is providing us this opportunity to experience the same thrills and chills that you can experience live at the event, and that’s something that we really try to capitalize on,” Live Nation's Kevin Chernett told the FOX Business Network.

The concert experience is captured using 10 cameras on stage, behind the stage, and in the audience—giving fans the ultimate all-access pass.

“It is essentially removing the fourth wall, so people are used to watching concerts either live or at home. If you’re at home watching TV or on your tablet or on an iPad for example, for the first time ever you’re actually stepping into the screen and experiencing the concert like you’re there, ” said Danny Keens, Vice President of Content at NEXTVR.

A summer concert series, sponsored by Citi, will be broadcast live and for free.

While virtual reality will become an extension of the business, it won’t take away from the live concert experience Live Nation says.