LAAMB Consulting Services Does IT for Small Business

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Small Business Spotlight: LAAMB Consulting Services

Who: Jerry Hargrave, @ITsavings

What: IT consulting for businesses

When: October 2011

Where: Parker, Colo.

How: LAAMB Consulting Services, with satellite offices in cities such as New York, Boston, Detroit, Dallas and Los Angeles, works with businesses looking to reduce costs associated with IT.

President and CEO Jerry Hargrave, who co-founded the company with his wife, Heather, called LAAMB a “conglomerate of current and former technology industry insiders.” LAAMB’s management team left corporate positions to start the company which aims to help  save clients money when negotiating  contracts for IT projects.

LAAMB’s most expensive monthly plan is $397 per month, while it also offers a one-time fee for businesses that prefer such a payment option.

“We make it a win-win for the company and the vendor,” Hargrave added. “There is money to be saved, and it makes the IT project more successful.

Quote from the owner: “We tie ourselves into performance-based agreements. It’s zero risk for the business. If we don’t help businesses achieve the savings we promise, than we will cut a check for the difference. But not one of our 90 clients has come close to that.”