Kindle Fire First With New App Features From BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed, a social content site, has launched an app for Amazon's Kindle Fire that is reported to have features not yet found on the publisher’s iOS and Android apps.

BuzzFeed co-founder Jonah Peretti says, “The new BuzzFeed Kindle Fire app provides an even better experience than our site. You get the BuzzFeed front page, our Hot List ranking the biggest stories on the Web, and effortless content sharing — all with a responsiveness that is impossible to reproduce in a browser or any other device on the market.”

BuzzFeed, an aggregator of viral and trending news and multimedia links, has also stated that the “Hot List” feature will be  exclusive to the Kindle Fire app and the content has been optimized for a 7-inch screen.

According to the latest report, there are more than 30 million monthly unique visitors to With increasing focus on mobile devices for media consumption, BuzzFeed is paying more attention to the Kindle Fire, which is a fast-gaining tablet.

“These features aren’t going to stay just on the Kindle Fire,” says Jon Steinberg, president, BuzzFeed. “But when we were looking where to push the new features, it struck us that the Fire is a very consumptive platform. It seemed like a good time to push the next version onto the Kindle and put our resources there." It is expected that features available to the Kindle Fire app will migrate to the Android and iOS apps in the first quarter of 2012.