Keeping Granny Insured

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There is some pretty serious talk about cutting Social Security. And, I know you're worried about Granny—so are lots of people.

Just last week we reported that by current estimates Social Security will run out of money by 2037.Even so, your fears are misplaced. Here is why: Nobody wants to slash benefits for current retirees. It's not even on the table. Who is being targeted? Future retirees.As the baby boomers retire, we will soon have far more beneficiaries to support -- 90 million in 25 years. Before the boomers began to retire back in 2008, funding Social Security required less than one out of every eight dollars that workers earned.If the current formula stays in place it will require one out of every six dollars to sustain benefits. Clearly, we need to make changes, and the easiest change to make is raising the retirement age.Yesterday we reported Senator Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) suggested raising the retirement age to 69. This is the kind of reform that makes sense.Here's the kind of reform that doesn't make sense and promises to hurt Granny—Obamacare. I know it's counterintuitive - but the law that purports to improve health care for the 33 million Americans without coverage hurts the elderly.Specifically, it hurts seniors who are covered under Medicare Advantage. Of those seniors, 700,000 had their insurance policies cancelled last year because insurers quit the business.What's more is that Obamacare slashes Medicare Advantage coverage by $2 billion this year and $6 billion next year.The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services - that's the government - estimates that half of those with Medicare Advantage polices - seven million seniors - will lose their coverage eventually.We need to reform health care - but there is a better model than Obamacare.A more promising model would use the efficiencies of the private sector to bring down costs. We can do it.And, we can keep Granny insured.

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