Joel Osteen: Church isn’t doing enough on Christian persecution

According to a new report from Aid to the Church in Need, about 75% of all religious persecution around the world is directed at Christians.  Lakewood Church Pastor Joel Osteen discussed the persecutions, telling the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, “It’s gotten worse and worse and, you know, with all the fighting over in the Middle East and…other parts of the world, it just continues.”

According to Osteen, though all faiths have been targeted, Christians have been particularly at risk.

“You know, there’s forces that are trying to stop all faiths, but especially the Christian faith, it happened way back when Jesus was here,” Osteen said on ‘Varney & Co.’

When Varney asked about whether there was something that could be done politically to help stop the persecutions, Osteen responded, “I don’t know about the political side cause that’s really not my world, but of course we pray, but I don’t think the church is doing enough, including our church.  We have organizations that we work with but I think there needs to be more done as it continues to, you know, as it continues to happen all over.”

But when Varney pressed him on whether he wanted more action from President Trump or Congress, Osteen replied, “Well, of course we would want something.  I don’t know what’s in the works now, but again, I try to stay in my field and that’s not really the field that I run it.”