Jeb Bush: We Need a Strong America, then a Focus on People’s Pockets

During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush said national security, not climate change, is our nation’s greatest threat.

“I think the national security of our country is threatened by Islamic terrorism and by nation states that see our weakness and are exploiting it and are running wild, in effect, and trying to re-establish their power and influence in the world… Whether that’s in the Middle East or other parts of the world, we are seeing it played out. We need a strong America -- then we need to focus on how we create high-sustained economic growth where more people can have rising income."

Bush argued climate change issues can be solved over time but growing the economy should be the “priority” of the next president.

“Climate is changing but I worry about the declining income in people’s pockets. That’s the bigger issue,” he said.

He also commented on Donald Trump’s tax plan.

“It’s not about the big personalities on the stage. My tax plan right now calls for a reduction in the corporate rate to 20% in full deduction of all capital investing. That’s a high energy idea. That would grow our economy at a far faster rate than we are growing now,” he said.

Bush believes he can win the GOP nomination and defeat Hillary Clinton.

“I can beat Hillary and every poll shows that I can. I have a proven record that shows I’m not just talking about it.”