Jackie Robinson’s only game-worn rookie jersey up for auction

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Jackie Robinson jersey from 1947 estimated to sell for over $3 million

Chris Ivy, director of sports at Heritage Auctions, discusses historical baseball memorabilia, including a Jackie Robinson rookie jersey from 1947 that could sell for over $3 million.

A rare jersey from Jackie Robinson’s 1947 rookie season with the Brooklyn Dodgers is on the auction block.

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The jersey is the only Jackie Robinson game-worn rookie jersey in existence, Chris Ivy, director of sports at Heritage Auctions, the company offering the item, told FOX Business.

It has been certified as authentic by Mears, a top memorabilia authentication company, along with a photo of Robinson, who was the first black Major League Baseball player, wearing the jersey.

“It’s photo matched Sept. 23, 1947. It’s actually Jackie Robinson Day. It’s the day after the Dodgers had just clinched the pennant. They were celebrating Jackie and they actually presented him with this Cadillac,” Ivy told Stuart Varney on “Varney & Co.”, while referring to the photo.

It will also come with a letter from his widow, Rachel, which talks about how Robinson brought the jersey home after the World Series.

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“The only reason we have it today is because Jackie brought it home as a memento to keep personally,” he said.

While it’s hard to say exactly how much the jersey will be sold for, Ivy estimates the hall of famer’s jersey could fetch more than $3 million.

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