It's not just Google; Here are other big tech companies with diversity issues

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Alphabet’s Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) has fired James Damore, the software engineer whose 10-page internal memo about the company’s lack of diversity and gender equality created a media firestorm over the weekend. While Google is the one in the hot seat, other big Silicon Valley tech companies have had diversity issues of their own. Here’s a look at some major tech companies’ diversity reports.

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1. Facebook

Earlier this month, social media giant Facebook (NYSE:FB) released its latest diversity report, detailing the demographic breakdown of its workforce. The report found that 72% of its executive leadership is male (and white) while 28% is female. Additionally, the report found that 81% of its technical staff is male, with only 19% being female.

FACEBOOK: Annual Diversity Data EMPLOYMENT: GLOBAL GENDER Overall ---- Male: 65% ---- Female: 35%Technical ---- Male: 81% ---- Female: 19%Non-Technical ---- Male: 45% ---- Female: 55%Senior Leadership ---- Male: 72% ---- Female: 28%

2. Apple

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) released its diversity report in June of 2016. According to the report, males make up 72% of its leadership roles while women make up 28%. Additionally, males make up 77% of its tech positions while females make up 23%.

Apple: Annual Diversity Data EMPLOYMENT: GLOBAL GENDEROverall ---- Male: 68% ---- Female: 32%Tech ---- Male: 77% ---- Female: 23%Non-Tech ---- Male: 62% ---- Female: 38%Leadership ---- Male: 72% ---- Female: 28%

GLOBAL GENDER - HIRING OVER THE PAST THREE YEARS ---- 2014: 31% female ---- 2015: 35% female ---- 2016: 37% female

3. Uber

While ride-sharing giant Uber has had a host of problems over the last year with its former embattled CEO Travis Kalanick’s departure and accusations of sexism and discrimination at the company, it’s also under pressure to become more diverse at the executive level. The company released its diversity report in March, which showed that men make up 58.8% of its leadership roles while women make up around 41.2%. Not to mention, only 15.4% of women work in tech-related roles compared to 84.6% of men who do.

UBER: Diversity Report

CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: GLOBAL GENDER Overall ---- Men: 63.9% ---- Women: 36.1%Tech ---- Men: 84.6% ---- Women: 15.4%Non-tech ---- Men: 55.6% ---- Women: 44.4%

LEADERSHIP: GLOBAL GENDER Overall ---- Men: 58.8% ---- Women: 41.2%