Imagine Dragons: Album sales a small fraction of profits

The American rock band, Imagine Dragons, joined Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney on Thursday to discuss its business with Apple music, and address the claims that Apple will lower the amount of money it pays to record labels.

“The money to be made right now in the industry is really touring…when our record, ‘Night Vision,’ we believe was at one point the number one streamed album in the world and that was maybe five percent of our income as a band, so the money is not being made in streaming and consumption,” lead vocalist Dan Reynolds said.

Imagine Dragons is not concerned by the change in Apple’s payment plan because album sales contribute so minimally to the band’s overall profit.

“Thinking of selling an album as something that’s purely itself going to get lots and lots of returns is not the way to think about it in this day in age, like everything is an advertisement to get the audience to the show,” lead guitarist Wayne Sermon said.

As they embark on a world tour for their new album, ‘Evolve,’ out June 23rd, the band members say that the terrorist attacks in Europe will not change how they approach their music or share it with their fans.

“As far as will we play the same cities, will we tour just as vigorously? Yes, and maybe even more so just to make a point. I think that we will not have anybody put fear into our hearts, ever,” Reynolds said.