IBM AI robots deployed to clean Earth’s oceans

IBM is predicting it will change the world in the next five years by using robots powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to clean the oceans.

The AI-powered microscopes will be able to monitor a collection of microscopic plankton floating in the sea.

“We want tiny microscopes that can be where the plankton lives, watching the plankton, watching what happens to them and using AI to determine the quality of the plankton,” IBM Research Senior Vice President Arvind Krishna told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on Monday.

Plankton, which controls two-thirds of the quality of air and water, is currently measured by analyzing the microscopic organisms months after they have been dead, according to Krishna.

“Having these tiny microscopes in the ocean, right next to the plankton, observing them, sending the signals up and having AI then monitor what happens gives us much better insight and an ability to better control the water and the oxygen,” he said.

IBM researchers have partnered with governments and national science organizations to deploy the robot devices to analyze and interpret the data.

“As we get more, more knowledge, coupled with the AI that’s on the backend, it’ll give us a much better ability to control what happens and help the planet,” Krishna said.