How to Use Facebook Ads to Recruit Your Industry's Brightest Minds

In today's high tech society, there are more ways than ever to reach out to top talent in your industry niche. But are job boards like Monster and Indeed or career-focused social media sites like LinkedIn your best bet?

There's a good chance these resources consume a big part of your recruiting budget, but the sad truth is that the many people actively searching for employment on these sites aren't necessarily the ones your company needs. More often than not, your industry's brightest minds aren't searching for jobs because they're already employed. To lure them away from their current employers, you need do so some enticing recruitment outreach.

Hiring a professional recruiter to do this outreach can be extremely costly. Instead, you may want to look elsewhere for affordable and effective ways to recruit top talent. One surprising channel: Facebook advertising.

Why Facebook?

While many of us associate Facebook with cat videos and minions memes, there's no denying that the breadth of Facebook's audience opens up a wealth of possibilities for recruiters. Facebook has almost 2 billion monthly users, which is certainly nothing to sneeze at. These users aren't just logging in, posting a quick status update, and then logging out. It's estimated that the average Facebook user spends 40 minutes per day on the site. This provides ample opportunity for exposure to ads on the platform.

Facebook advertising tends to be much less expensive than other online marketing options. The platform's average cost per click is only 27.29 cents, but this cost can fall by quite a bit if your ad content proves to be particularly engaging. By setting budget limits for your campaign, you can generate a lot of clicks – and an influx of job applications – for as little as $100!

Facebook's advanced targeting metrics are known for their ability to help you focus your message on a custom audience that is most likely to respond to your marketing efforts. Consider the following targeting options that can help you better reach the right people with your Facebook recruitment ads:

1. Location

While remote work opportunities are on the rise, the vast majority of companies still require employees to show up in the office. Commute time has been found to have a major impact on employee hiring and retention, with commutes of 35 minutes or more greatly increasing the risk of turnover. Targeting your ad within a small geographic radius from your office makes it easier to find candidates who are likely to stick with you for the long haul.

2. Interests

Interest targeting on Facebook allows you to focus on interests specific to almost any industry. This is good news for you because, for example, someone who lists "SEO marketing" as an interest on Facebook is highly likely to be interested in working for your SEO firm. Targeting relevant interests can help you find people who are truly passionate about your industry.

3. Education and Other Qualifications

What level of education does your position require? Are you looking for someone with an industry-specific background? On Facebook, you can target users based on education level, current job title, industry, and other factors to ensure that your message only reaches those who are qualified for the job.

These options are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what Facebook's ad targeting can offer during a recruiting campaign. By fully exploring your targeting options, you'll be well equipped to get your recruitment messages to the right people.

Crafting Your Facebook Recruitment Ad

Once you know which groups you wish to target, the next step is to craft a message that will appeal to these groups. As far as the text of your advertisement is concerned, your best option is to follow the best practices of writing recruitment ads in general: highlighting company achievements, showcasing your office culture and benefits, and listing important qualifications.

Of course, Facebook is a visual platform. A massive wall of text isn't going to get the attention of your potential recruits. It's best to keep your message short, sweet, and to the point. You won't be able to include all the information you want, and that's okay. Focus on the emotional appeal of the role and provide a clear call to action so viewers will know what step to take next.

High-quality images are especially important for your Facebook recruitment ad. Your visuals should complement your ad copy and present your company in a positive light. For best results, use photos taken at your facility – photos of happy team members, an exciting office space, and so on.

Never rely on cheesy stock photos to sell your employment experience. Facebook users can tell when your images actually reflect your company culture – and when you're trying to hide a less-than-stellar work environment behind stock photos.

By tapping into the power of Facebook advertising, you can put yourself in a far better position to reach talented individuals who might not be looking for a job but could ultimately become top players for your company. With the right targeting and marketing techniques, you'll be able to more effectively recruit your industry's brightest minds and set your company on course for a successful future.

Lucas Miller is freelance blogger, direct response copywriter, and content marketer at Echelon Copy.