How to Survive a Horrible Boss

Have you ever had a boss that was so horrible, you wanted to quit your job? If so, you aren’t alone. A recent study from staffing giant Randstad found the number one reason people leave a job is because of a bad boss. And, it isn’t such a good thing for a company to lose valuable employees because of a poor or unfair manager.

Yes, it's no wonder we look forward to Fridays: on-the-job engagement are at record lows, and recent Gallup research suggests only 18% of managers in the U.S. have the skills to effectively manage their people. In addition to unnecessary stress, HR experts say a bad boss can lead to burnout and health problems.

If you like your job, and not your boss, here are my tips on how to deal with a “horrible boss.”

Situation 1: Your boss ignores you in meetings Cheryl’s advice: Come prepared, be confident and speak up. Don’t be rude, but assertiveness helps.

Situation 2: You are excluded from projects Cheryl’s advice: Suggest a project of your own, and don’t take it personally (even if it’s true, keep smiling.)

Situation 3: Your boss micromanages you Cheryl’s advice: Do the tasks and don’t complain around the office. Think of something additional you can do that they’re not expecting. Don't show emotion, and don’t let them see you sweat.

Situation 4: Your boss is inaccessible Cheryl’s advice: Reschedule. Wait a day or two, make sure you feel confident. (And in the meantime, you are frustrated, yes, but keep it to yourself. You don't want that getting back to the boss.)