How Much Can $1M Buy You? An Entire Town

While $1 million won't buy you much property in real-estate hot spots like New York or California, it is more than enough to buy an entire town in South Dakota.

On the edge of the Badlands National Forest, you will find the small town of Scenic, S.D., for sale with an attractive price tag of just $799,000.

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Twila Merril, a reported former 1950s bare bronc rider, owns the 46-acre town, which had a reported  population of just 87 in 2000. According to the listing, Scenic has served as a place for passing travelers to restock on food and gas.

For less than $1 million you get the small towns post office, convenience store, dance hall, two retail stores, train depot, museum, world famous Longhorn saloon, two jails (one working, one not) and couple of houses. All the buildings are included in the price tag, and it's quite the the bargain: the town was originally listed at $3 million.