Hobby Lobby Founder Endorses Rubio, Calls Trump a 'Bully'

Hobby Lobby founder David Green, who just endorsed Marco Rubio for president, explained to the FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto why he is not going to vote for Donald Trump.

“I don’t want a loose cannon to take care of the problems we have,” Green said. “We’re all angry at where we’ve been. But, to do something because we think someone’s made a billion dollars—we’ve made billions of dollars, but that doesn’t make us have the ability to run this country… the last thing we need in this country [right] now is an individual that leads us by a scorched earth attitude and no matter what it takes to get ahead.”

Green adamantly stated he does not want to see a bully in the White House.

“When you make fun of people that are less than perfect, when you talk about people’s ears, when you talk about their face—this is exactly what we do not need as a leader because people follow leaders.”

He added: “We don’t want a head of the country that leads us to act in a way that we shouldn’t act. Whether we are Christian or not…. whether we are people of faith or not, we don’t want our children to emulate a person that would win the way he’s winning—calling people names, everybody’s stupid—that is not who we want our country to be and that’s who we’re following.”

In the latest Republican debate, Marco Rubio went on the offensive against Donald Trump. Green said he thinks the Florida senator should stay away from such attacks.

“I think he’s [Rubio] a decent person and before this race, he had proven [himself] as a decent person,” the Hobby Lobby founder said. “I think that it’s coming back in a way that is not him. It is not who Marco Rubio is.”

When asked which candidate he would vote for if the election came down to Trump vs. Clinton, Green said he doesn’t think he could vote.

“I don’t believe I could vote. I would have to stand aside."

In 2014, Hobby Lobby, along with two other companies, argued before the Supreme Court that the company should not have to provide employees contraception due to their religious beliefs. The High Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby.

Green also shared his thoughts on the current debate over the nomination to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

“The President should do what he should do, and that is he should appoint someone,” he said. “The Congress should then do what they should do and either decide or not decide whether that person should become our Supreme Court justice. I think they should both do what they have been elected to do and they should listen to whoever it is, but then they also should make sure that we have a justice that would follow our Constitution and keep us with our freedoms.”