Rose wine isn't just for summer anymore

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Rose wine is booming everywhere, especially US: Chateau Minuty owner

Chateau Minuty owner Francois Matton on the growing popularity of rose wines.

Stumped for a Mother’s Day gift? How about a bouquet of rosé? The warmer weather is the busiest time of year for the pink wine favorite, according to a winemaker.

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“Rosé [is] fresh, Rosé [is] light and people love Rosé,” Chateau Minuty third generation owner, and head winemaker, Francois Matton, told Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo on Thursday. 

It’s a popular wine, that still won’t break the bank, he added.

“At the beginning Rosé were very cheap, not now, now Rosé’s booming everywhere in the world, especially in the U.S.,” Matton said.  “Prices are little bit more expensive, but are still very attractive.”


Rosé sits somewhere between red and white on the color wheel.  Its pigment is determined by exposure to red grape skins. And it's not just for summer, anymore.

“The season is getting longer, because Rosé is pairing with everything,” Matton said.  “Everything except red meat, except if I'm outside and it’s warmer.”


Rosé is rapidly becoming the preferred drink for a growing demographic, he added.

“Our Rosé [is] very well known everywhere in France, “ Matton said.  “Now the new generation, the 20s, the millennials, they love Rosé because Rosé [is] fresh, not a lot of structure and they are not so expensive.”

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