Hillary Clinton Urges Women to Run For Office

Months after losing the White House to now President Trump in one of the most bruising elections in U.S. history, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is slowly re-emerging on the national scene.

Clinton spoke Tuesday during a Girls Inc. Annual New York Luncheon after receiving the 2017 National Champion for Girls Award from the group devoted to helping underprivileged teens.

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“Let us hope there is a wave of young women running for office in America and let’s be sure to support them in every way we can. Let’s help them shatter stereotypes and lift each other up. They are the history makers—the glass-ceiling breakers of tomorrow. They are among the reasons why I’m so optimistic about our future,” Clinton said during her award acceptance speech.

Those remarks echo a video statement she delivered last month at the 2017 MAKERS Conference in Palos Verdes, California.

“Despite all the challenges we face, I remain convinced that yes—the future is female,” Clinton said during the video message.

Clinton, who didn’t comment specifically on Trump’s first months in office, did say she has been inspired by recent women marches being demonstrated across the country.

Despite their many policy differences, Clinton and Trump may share similar views when it comes to women’s initiatives, especially in the workplace. Trump mentioned helping women entrepreneurs last week during his first address to Congress.

“With the help of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, we have formed a Council with our neighbors in Canada to help ensure that women entrepreneurs have access to the networks, markets and capital they need to start a business and live out their financial dreams,” Trump said during his address. This followed his meeting at the White House which included female executives from General Motors (NYSE:GM), Schnitzer Steel (NASDAQ:SCHN), and Accenture (NYSE:CAN), among others.

Trump’s oldest daughter Ivanka has also been publicly supportive of a call for more health benefits for working women, including paid family leave for new parents.