Hey Advertisers, The FTC Has Its Eye on Your Tweets

By FOXBusiness

The Federal Trade Commission is now requiring advertisers to post disclosures in digital and mobile ads, even in the face of a 140-character limit on Twitter.

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The government agency issued new guidelines for advertisers to follow in an increasingly digital world.

The “Dot Com Disclosures” addresses current online and mobile advertising, which includes the skyrocketing growth of businesses using social platforms like Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and Twitter to push promotions and advertisements out to customers.

The guidelines explain, according to the FTC, “how to make disclosures clear and  conspicuous to avoid deception,” while taking into account the “expanding use of smartphones with small screens and the rise of social media marketing. “

The disclosures were first released in 2000 but have been updated to reflect the changing  technological landscape. They are a reminder, the FTC said, that brands must abide by consumer protection laws across all mediums, from radio and print ads to social media.

Businesses are also discouraged from using hyperlinks or pop-ups for their disclosures.  While it may be tempting in a small space like Twitter, the FTC says they often go unnoticed or unclicked by consumers.