Heidi Cruz to FBN: It's All About Serving Others

At one time, the establishment may have turned a blind eye to 2016 Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Now, it has banded together, rallying behind him, in an effort to prevent Donald Trump from winning the Republican bid for the White House.

During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Trish Regan, Heidi Cruz, wife of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, responded.

“This is Democracy at work, this is the movement of the grassroots. These are elections that we’ve been winning. We have swept the last five states, the last five elections.”

She then explained how Ted’s “unflappable” personality has helped her through tough rhetoric.

“Politics to him is about getting things done for other people, it’s not about his personal attacks or making things sort of silly and personal. You have be able to make that division and he does that so well that if I’m ever thinking about something, I think if it doesn’t bother the candidate, why should it bother me?” she said.

Heidi also discussed the importance of family on the campaign trail.

“If you’re going to enjoy it, you have to both want to do it. What has always unified Ted and I is… serving others.”

Cruz says when she met her husband, she had no idea he would be running for president.