Happiness at Work Does Exist, Sonny Boy

The secret to happiness? Think small and old.

Older workers at smaller companies are most happy in today’s workforce, according to a new survey.

Early findings of the “Happiness at Work” survey from consulting firm Delivering Happiness at Work found those who work for companies with fewer than 100 people are 25% more likely to be happy at work than those at companies with more than 1,000 workers, according to the Wall Street Journal.  

Older workers are “significantly happier at work,” and the least happy are those in their 40s, the survey found. Also, those who supervise others are 27% more likely to be happier at work than those who are being managed, according to the Journal. 

Finally, those in a skilled trade were 50% more likely to be happy than unskilled workers. The Journal reported the survey covered topics such as work-life balance and boredom in the workplace, and then offered participants personalized reports to help them move forward.