Google’s New Inbox App Helps You Avoid Opening Email

By FOXBusiness

As startup competition heats up for email management, Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is getting into the game with a new app that called Inbox that aims to make email more efficient.

Taking a cue from Dropbox’s Mailbox, the new app lets users set reminders or hit “snooze” to view emails later, at a select time or location.

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Created by the same people who developed Gmail, the app aims to make email more intuitive. Like its web service, the app automatically categorizes emails, with labels including promos, purchases and social.

For people who aim to get towards “Inbox Zero,” the app makes it easy to reduce email clutter by allowing users to swipe right to file an email away as “done.” The message then disappears from the inbox and is stored amongst other completed emails.

The app also makes it easy to declutter email in bulk. Messages to be viewed later can be “pinned” and then everything else can be filed away at once with the “sweep” button.

Inbox also makes it simpler to view photos and information without opening up the email. Flight itineraries and other info deemed important are automatically highlighted.

Inbox was rolled out Wednesday and is currently invite-only; Gmail also has a separate name-bearing app. Shares of the search giant were flat after hours.

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