Google's diversity memo: Inclusion is key says Accenture CEO, Julie Sweet

Accenture (NYSE: ACN) services three quarters of Fortune 500 companies through their strategy, consulting and technology operations. Rooted in improving clients performance and using the latest innovation, Accenture’s CEO North America Julie Sweet says tech is the future of their business. 

“The real driver today we are proud to announce 50% of our revenue today is digital cloud and security and that reflect what’s on the minds of all the CEOs, digital disruption and the opportunity,” Sweet tells FOX Business.

Accenture just recently announced their plan to open 10 new innovation hubs in key cities in the U.S., investing $1.4 billion in training while creating 15,000 new jobs.

“Clients want to work with us. Differently, they want to continue to be innovating, they don’t want to have to get on a plane to work with Silicon Valley,” says Sweet.

With her ear to the ground amongst fellow business leaders and even Washington (Sweet is part of President Trump’s Business Roundtable), Sweet stressed the importance of diversity and inclusion.

“Being an inclusive place means being inclusive for all people,” Sweet adds.

On Saturday, an anonymous Google software engineer wrote a ten-page memo denouncing the company’s diversity initiatives. There are 500,000 open computer jobs in the U.S. reports the Washington Post, with only 7,000 new women graduates to fill those roles. With a lack of women in the science, technology, mathematics and engineering (STEM) fields, Sweet says diversity is key.

“We see our clients saying we want a diverse team and also to attract people particularly the millennials they really care about working in a diverse workplace” says Sweet.

Be sure to watch Sweet’s full interview above.