Google Launches Chrome for Android Beta


Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) on Tuesday launched a beta version of its desktop web browser Chrome for Android handhelds, bringing popular features from the desktop version to smartphones and tablets.

"Like the desktop version, Chrome for Android Beta is focused on speed and simplicity, but it also features seamless sign-in and sync so you can take your personalized web browsing experience with you wherever you go, across devices," Google said in a blog post.

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The new mobile browser for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) devices utilizes same “omnibox” as the desktop version of Chrome, combining the search box and address bar into one and saving space and time.  As text is inputted into the box, top search results are automatically loaded in the background, allowing pages to show up immediately.

Chrome for Android treats tabs differently than other mobile browsers, making them fit better on the smaller screen.  Users can move between them using gestures that treat them like a deck of cards (think HP/Palm's WebOS).

Open tabs can also be taken with the user from the mobile version of Chrome to the desktop and back, as the browser lets users sign in.  It will synchronize bookmarks across devices too.

You can download the new beta app from the Android Marketplace here

Google also posted the following intro video on YouTube:

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