Goldman Sachs' Cohen: Wall Street's Humble Bull

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Goldman’s Cohen talks life on and off the Street

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Goldman’s Cohen talks life on and off the Street

A well-known market guru, Goldman Sachs’ Abby Joseph Cohen, talks about life and success on and off the Street.

It’s not always easy to hear through the beeping, yelling, and commotion on the trading floor.

But when Goldman Sachs’ (NYSE:GS) Abby Joseph Cohen talks, traders listen.

With nearly four decades of hands-on market experience, the storied investment bank’s senior investment strategist, a true legend on the Street, is not afraid to make the tough calls when it comes to the markets and their sometimes sudden and unpredictable moves.

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Through the years, armed with Street smarts and plenty of tenacity, Cohen proved she’s not just a token woman welcomed into the boys club of Wall Street. And she’s certainly not afraid of a little hard work.

A Career on the Street,  a Voice on the Megaphone

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