GoDaddy Ad-Maker on 2014 Super Bowl Marketing Trends

While the price tag of a Super Bowl ad may be super-sized, Deutsch NY CEO Val DiFebo says the $4 million, 30-second slots are worth every penny.

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Aside from the 110 million fans watching on game day, DiFebo says people are increasingly interested in the ads themselves – so the money goes a long way.

“There’s a lot of noise, a lot of buzz, a lot of stuff that happens before the Super Bowl, and during the Super Bowl, and after the Super Bowl about your ads and your brand,” says DiFebo, whose company is behind the ads for GoDaddy. “That elasticity – that place where you can really expand your brand message … that we find very valuable.”

DiFebo gives her take on what to expect this year:

No. 1: Appearances from surprising celebs.

Under-exposed celebrities will have a big presence this year in ads, says DiFebo, pointing to the Full House actors John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier reuniting for Dannon’s Super Bowl commercial.

“We think it’s because they attract a different audience and we think it’s also because it expands the audience for advertisers … they’re not as exposed, it’s a nice surprise,” says DiFebo.

No. 2: Incorporating social media.

“What we expect to be seeing is people weighing in online, and in social media on the things they’re seeing, whether they’re commercials or things happening during the game,” says DiFebo.

And as we saw last year with Oreo, an on-target tweet from an advertiser during the game can make a huge impact.

No. 3: More consumer interaction.

DiFebo says companies like Doritos and H&M are blazing a path when it comes to getting at-home fans involved.

“The H&M ad: people are voting on the end of the commercial,” says DiFebo. The Swedish retailer is having viewers vote on its e-commerce site as to whether its ad should feature soccer superstar David Beckham clothed or in his birthday suit (the commercial is for H&M’s David Beckham Bodywear line).

The company is trying a new strategy to encourage sales during the game itself.

“You’ll see people having the opportunity to buy during the commercial in real time,” says DiFebo, referring to H&M’s attempt at t-commerce.