GM CEO: Our Primary Strategy is to Build Where We Sell

As several U.S. automakers change their tune about manufacturing in Mexico amid critical comments from President-elect Donald Trump, General Motors (NYSE:GM) CEO Mary Barra is weighing in on how the automaker is keeping pace with competitors to help boost the U.S. job market.

“Over the last two years we’ve invested $11 billion into the United States, we have over 100,000 jobs. That Volt EV that is right behind us is built in Orion, Michigan, as well as the Traverse that we just announced is built in Lansing, so we have significant jobs in this country,” Barra told the FOX Business Network’s Jeff Flock.

The CEO also weighed in on the challenges dealing with the disparity in tariffs across the globe.

“It’s a very complex business and our primary strategy is to build where we sell. I think there’s room to make some changes that are going to make it, improve it and make it more equitable across the globe and we’ll work to make sure that is done in a way that comprehends the complexity of this business.”

Barra discussed whether the signs low gas prices will continue for an extended period will impact the electric vehicle market.

“We believe oil prices will be lower for longer, but we also believe electrification is a very important part of the future and we’re very proud of our leadership. You know, we just started delivering Volt EVs to customers in California and they’re giving us rave reviews about the vehicle.”

Barra then responded to whether she felt any pressure being appointed to President-elect Donald Trump’s economic council.

“It’s an opportunity to represent the industry and General Motors on that council.”

Reacting to the incoming Trump administration’s discussions of a potential rollback of corporate taxes, Barra responded, “We think overall a lower tax rate would obviously be better for business and help drive the economy.”