Glassdoor Launches New Recruiting Tools

Once upon a time, corporate recruiting was largely based on intuition. Recruiters had to go with their guts, trusting opinions they had formed based only on short interviews and background checks.

Thanks to modern technology, guesswork is much less prevalent in the hiring process. Today's recruiters are able not only to reach more candidates than ever before, but also to target specific candidates with the right skills and experience.

And now, Glassdoor is offering a few more tools for recruiters to add to their arsenals.

"Glassdoor is introducing four new or improved recruiting solution features and packages," says Lisa Holden, employer communications manager for Glassdoor. "These new recruiting features provide even more value to Glassdoor customers as they can now better reach candidates based on occupation, help improve the reach of their jobs and company, and get richer analytics that help employers understand reputation and strength of brand in key local job markets."

Dynamic Profiles With Audience Targeting

Instead of just dumping the same blanket postings in front of all site visitors, Glassdoor now offers audience targeting to companies seeking specific types of candidate.

"This new feature allows [employers] to target up to four specific occupations and give a custom view to each demographic," Holden explains. "They can dynamically display different messages to different job seekers based on their occupations, and there are more than 20 different occupation types to choose from."

Job and Company Spotlights

Glassdoor's new job and company spotlights program targets ads toward users who are already researching related content on Glassdoor. While a general ad may go in front of anybody, this program helps companies get their brands and job postings in front of Glassdoor users who may not otherwise be familiar with them.

Localized Enhanced Profiles

Glassdoor has also taken steps to expand its usefulness globally. New localized enhanced profiles offer more detailed information and analytics about international companies. For employers, this means they can take a better look at ratings, candidate demographics, comparisons with competitors, and candidate activity. For prospective employees, this means a closer look at the brand and reputation of the global companies they discover through the site.

"Today, employers can localize their profiles and target audiences anywhere that Glassdoor is localized across 13 markets," Holden says. "Now, we are announcing a 'rest of the world' profile, which supports large multinational companies in the markets where Glassdoor is yet to localize."

The benefit of these "rest of the world profiles," according to Holden, is that they "allow employers ... to take full advantage of the traffic coming to Glassdoor to ensure their brand is front and center alongside feedback from employees across the globe."

New Profile and Recruiting Packages

Not all companies are the same. Factors like size, turnover, and location can determine what sort of solutions a business requires to fulfill their recruitment needs. With this in mind, Glassdoor now offers scalable packages for companies. The three levels include "starter," "standard," and "select."

"One of the biggest challenges in recruiting is finding solutions that are personalized to your company's needs, whether it's about solutions that help you target different types of candidates or about solutions that fit within the budget you have," Holden says.

In need of some new recruiting tools for 2017? Glassdoor might be a good place to look, depending on your needs.