Getting 'Wise' About Wine


Getting 'Wise' About Wine

Wine and spirit expert Anthony Giglio details how consumers' attitudes toward wine has shifted and what forecasts what the industry will look like just a few years down the road.

Two of my favorite things to do: laugh and drink wine.

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Anthony Giglio, known as the wine wise guy, offered both.

He’s a journalist, sommelier, educator, and author who has written several books, including five editions of the enormously popular Mr. Boston Official Bartender's Guide.

And he’s funny.

So I got to giggle and talk (not drink) wine with him and asked him what he thought the biggest mistake people make when it comes to drinking and buying wine.

And instantly he said we don’t ask enough questions.

“Even if they're normally confident, well-informed consumers, when it comes to asking questions about wine, they are intimidated that they'll ask for the ‘wrong’ thing or sound inexperienced, unworldly, etc.”

Well, yeah!  That’s still how I feel sometimes.  But Giglio reminded me that sommeliers are supposed to help us, same goes for the salespeople in your local shop.  “And if the salesperson or the wine director isn't helpful, let management know and don’t go back.”

It sounds harsh but he’s right.  There’s no need to be made to feel intimidated these days.

Especially since this weekend is Mother’s Day and many of you will be out there buying wine to bring to Mom.  Ask some questions at your local wine store and pick something different to enjoy with her on Sunday.

And be sure to make her laugh too.

Cent ‘Anni.

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