GA veterans fight for their right to display American flags in their community

U.S. Navy veteran Pete Rockett and Air Force veteran Tom Wilder on Tuesday expounded their outrage after discovering that a Georgia homeowners association said they can only display their American flags on 23 specific days per year.

The two veterans said that the homeowners association is being controlled by a developer from David Pearson Communities, and it is not the homeowners themselves who are against putting up the flags.

“Originally we were allowed to fly the flag, then we were given a violation for flying the flag, then we were told we couldn’t fly the flag at all. Then he [the developer] came back and said we’ll give you 23 days where you can fly the flag. Well, either the flag is ugly every day of the year or it’s not ugly at all,” Rockett told FOX Business’ David Asman.

The Village at Towne Lake Homeowners Association, explained why they instituted the limitations in a statement to its residents saying, “These guidelines help maintain the aesthetic and architectural theme of the community.”

“I want to know why one individual can determine what is aesthetically pleasing and what isn’t,” Wilder said.