French Tennis Player Thinks Women Should Earn Less

This week, one man took the Paycheck Fairness Act to court.

A tennis court, that is.

In a recent interview with a French radio station, tennis player Gilles Simon (ranked 15 in this year’s Wimbledon tennis tournament) wowed us with the following: He thinks female professional tennis players should earn less than their male counterparts for each win on the courts.

According to ESPN, Simon cited a few tenuous reasons for his assertion:

  • Men’s professional tennis traditionally makes more than women’s professional tennis. This year, a ticket to the men’s Wimbledon final will cost $25 more than a ticket to the women’s Wimbledon final.
  • Men spend more time on the court per match. Men must win the best of five sets in a tennis match, women the best of three.
  • And the kicker: “Men’s tennis is really far ahead of women’s tennis at this stage,” Simon says.

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