FOX Business' Maria Bartiromo, Ann Coulter Weigh in on Equal Pay

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Our partners at Moneyish spoke to some influential female voices, including FOX Business' Maria Bartiromo and commentator Ann Coulter, about what equal pay means to them. 

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Being tough, talented and successful isn’t enough. Or is it?

Women earn $430,000 less than men during their careers. That’s because for every $1 a man earns, a woman earn just $0.79, according to data from the White House. And while this is significantly better than the 1960s, when women earned just 60% of what a man earned, at this rate of change, it will take females until 2059 to earn pay equity with their male counterparts.

The reasons for the wage gap are hotly debated — discrimination, career choice, negotiating prowess — but one thing is clear: The pay gap hits even the most prominent women in the world, including award-winning media celebrities, CEOs, best-selling authors and entrepreneurs. Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence discovered she’d been paid “much less” than her male counterparts for “American Hustle” when Sony emails were leaked in 2015; Marissa Mayer’s replacement at Yahoo will make double the salary she did.

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