Four Seasons Taking Their High-End Brand to the Streets

When you think of the Four Seasons, you probably think of luxurious amenities, high-end restaurants, and a very hefty price tag.  But for 43 days, the Four Seasons is taking its employees and upscale cuisine to the streets.

The luxury hotel chain is turning the food truck trend into a gourmet experience.  After debuting on the West Coast last year, “Taste” by Four Seasons is in its sixth stop of a nine-city tour down the East Coast.  It’s serving up local eats at a more affordable cost.

“The idea with the food truck was to have a very affordable menu and price point,” John Johnson, Executive Chef at the Four Seasons in New York, said.  “Everything on the menu is $10 or less.”

A more affordable menu enables the Four Seasons to expand its brand, and give the swanky hotel a chance to cater to consumers who almost never fly first class or charter their own jet.

“It’s a different approach to luxury,” Johnson said.  “It’s a way of getting us down on the street and getting our brand in front of people.  We can remind them that we’re not as stuffy as they might perceive us to be, and have a lot of fun with food and beverages.”

Chefs from each stop along the truck’s route craft unique menus to highlight some of the best local flavors, like a crab burger in Baltimore and a pastrami sandwich in New York City.

“Menus change from city to city,” Johnson said.  “Each is based on the region, just like our restaurants and hotels.”

The truck stops in each of its nine hubs for approximately six days.  This year’s tour includes Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Orlando, Palm Beach, and Miami.

Beyond providing a diverse menu at a more affordable price, it’s a charitable event.  A portion of the revenue generated from the food truck will be donated to a charity of each city’s choice.

And the success of raising money for charity has sparked thoughts of expanding the limited-time low-cost menu to other cities nationwide.  There’s even talk of taking the campaign global.

“We’ve had a lot of opportunities with other hotels all over the world who do similar types of events,” Johnson said.  “It’s an opportunity to do something that we haven’t done before.  It gives us a vehicle to be creative with.”

“Taste” by Four Seasons is currently serving customers in Atlanta. On Saturday, the truck will move to Orlando, followed by Palm Beach and Miami.