Former VP Biden: We will 'overcome' Trump's decisions

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday that while a vast majority of Americans disagree with President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris accord—a 194-country pact to fight climate change—in the end we will “overcome” it.

"I know at this moment there are questions about what kind of leadership the world can expect from the United States of America, going forward," Biden said during a European summit in Athens, Greece.

"But I want to be very clear that there is still in the United States of America a strong bipartisan consensus, especially in the United States Congress, that European security is vital to U.S. security. The United States has had moments of turning inwards in the past. But we've always overcome them, just as we will overcome this," he said.

Biden, who was invited to address the inaugural European Summit of the nonprofit organization Concordia this week in Athens, which focuses on the future of EU-US relations, also stressed the need for everyone to address global warming despite what the Trump administration says.

Biden said his first report from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, when he took office in 2009, identified global warming as the greatest danger to U.S. physical security — through population displacement and war.

In 2015, Biden slammed those who question climate change during an interview with HBO’s Vice, saying that ignoring the scientific evidence is “almost like denying gravity now. I think it’s close to mindless.” During the interview, Biden specifically pointed to Hurricane Sandy in 2012 as an example of how climate change is making the world’s weather patterns more severe.

AP contributed to this report