Forget about iPhones, Apple just upped its watch game

While many spectators were all over Apple’s big smartphone reveal on Wednesday, when the tech giant unveiled not one but three new iPhones, many tech lovers may have missed the company’s first major design overhaul of its famous watch.

On Wednesday, Apple kicked off its annual event with a first look at its Apple Watch Series 4. The new design not only has a display that is 30 percent bigger, but the company said it has updated every single part of the watch’s user interface to store more information in apps, photos and maps than ever before.

The Series 4 will also be 50 percent louder, two times faster and have overall improved cell reception.

But that’s only that half of it. The new updates can now detect when someone falls down and will automatically call emergency services and send a user's GPS location to first responders.

What’s more, the device, whose heart sensor is now FDA-approved, can detect when a user's heart rate is either too low or irregular. It can also perform an electrocardiogram (ECG), and can then send that ECG data to the user's personal doctor via a PDF file.

Also, users’ health and fitness data will be encrypted on the device and in the cloud.

However, if users are wondering about battery life, Apple says unfortunately it's the same 18 hours as the previous models had.