For 2016 Grads, These Are the Best and Worst States to Make a Living In

With millions of eager college students graduating this spring, everyone will be looking for well paying jobs across the country. But some states are better than others for making a living.

For the sixth year, financial advice site MoneyRates has compiled the best and worst states to build a career in.

Best States

1. Wyoming

Combined with its high median wages, low cost of living and no state income tax, Wyoming takes the number one spot this year for the best state to make a living in.

2. Washington

The median salary in Washington state is $42,190, well above the nation's average. While the cost of living in Washington is higher, the state's no income tax status makes it desirable to live and work in.

3. Virgina

The unemployment rate in Virginia is below the national average at 4% and the state ranks in the top 10 for workplace safety. While the state does have an income tax, it's higher than average income and low cost of living make it a great place to work and live.

4. North Dakota

Much of North Dakota's previous job boom was related to oil. While oil prices have dropped tremendously, the state still remains desirable with an unemployment rate of 3.1% and higher than average wages.

5. Texas

Texas boasts the status of having no income tax and a low cost of living. The Lone Star State also has the second lowest rate of workplace injuries.

Worst States

1. Hawaii

While it might be a nice place to take a vacation, Hawaii is not a good place to make a living. Hawaii's cost of living is highest in the nation and it has the third highest tax burden in the country.

2. Oregon

According to MoneyRates, Oregon has a high rate of workplace injuries and illnesses. And Oregon's cost of living ranks at 29.5% above the national average.

3. West Virginia

West Virginia has the second highest unemployment rate of any state. But if you can find a job, the median annual wage is $30,240, the third lowest in the nation.

4. Maine

Combined with its above average cost of living and lack of workplace safety, Maine is a tough state to earn a living in.

5. California

California is a tricky state to live in. Wages are above average yet cost of living is extremely high. And on top of that, the unemployment rate in California is the third highest in the nation.

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